11 Gay love songs for him

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Looking for a way to express your love for that special guy? Sure, a bouquet of roses can be a nice gesture, but why not take things up a notch with one of these eleven gay love songs?

Whether you prefer cheesy ballads or soulful serenades, there’s a song on this list for every type of couple, no matter if it’s your first date or you’ve been together longer than you can remember. So, get ready to swoon… it’s time to listen in and share the romance.

1. ‘True Colors’ by Cyndi Lauper

A classic LGBTQ anthem that will make your heart soar. Released in 1986, True Colors by Cyndi Lauper is all about self-acceptance and loving yourself.

While Lauper didn’t actually write the lyrics herself, she told the Aussie TV show 60 Minutes that when she recorded the song, she was thinking about her friend Gregory Natal, who died from an AIDS-defining illness.

Years after the uplifting ballad hit No. 1 on the Hot 100, Lauper co-founded the True Colors Fund, a non-profit dedicated to ending homelessness for LGBTQ+ youth. So, crank up the volume and let your (and your guy’s) true colours shine through.

2. ‘Free to Love’ by Brendan Maclean

Who says a love song has to be slow? Dedicate this song instead, and you’ll be spinning each other around the living room before the first bar is done. Wearing a sequin jacket à la gay Aussie singer Maclean is optional but encouraged.

Free to Love is described as a little bit Prince, a little bit Nile Rodgers, and a little bit Justin Timberlake. We’re a little bit in love with the video and the song!

3. ‘Desire’ by Years & Years feat. Tove Lo

Desire is an upbeat track that captures the rush of falling in love. Released in 2014 as the lead single from the band’s debut album Communion, the song is characterised by catchy hooks and a beat that’ll make you move!

Vocals from lead singer Olly Alexander (from the It’s a Sin TV drama about the 1980s HIV/AIDS crisis) convey a sense of urgency and longing, exploring the intense emotions that come with attraction.

4. ‘Love of My Life’ by Queen

Released in 1975, Love of My Life is an emotive ballad from Queen complemented by a haunting piano melody. Band frontman and bisexual icon Freddie Mercury wrote the song as a heartfelt tribute to lost love, with poignant lyrics that capture the pain of separation and the enduring power of love.

A timeless classic resonating with audiences for decades, Love of My Life is a testament to Queen’s musical genius and ability to craft songs that touch the heart and soul.

5. ‘Silk Chiffon’ by MUNA feat. Phoebe Bridgers

MUNA, who openly identify as queer, have always been unafraid to tackle themes surrounding gender and sexuality in their songwriting. This upbeat pop hit is one of our faves.

The catchy lyrics ”Silk chiffon, That’s how it feels, oh, when she’s on me”, sung by Phoebe Bridgers, will have you and your beau singing along in no time.

6. ‘Lucky Strike’ by Troye Sivan

Aussie singer and actor Troye Sivan came out when he was 18 and has been an advocate for the rainbow family ever since. He’s often referred to as a gay icon, and we can see why.

Sivan himself isn’t happy with the title, though, saying in an interview with Another Man magazine that a more diverse group of LGBTIQ+ voices need to be heard and celebrated in the mainstream media.

Gay icon or not, Lucky Strike is all about falling in love and feeling lucky to have found someone special. Like Sivan himself, the song has been embraced by the LGBTQ+ community. And we’re here for its romantic lyrics and message of love and acceptance.

7. ‘Kiss the Boy’ by Keiynan Lonsdale

Another Aussie icon on the list, Keiynan Lonsdale, came out as queer while filming the gay teen romantic comedy Love, Simon in Atlanta.

In Kiss the Boy, Lonsdale sings about the challenges of expressing true emotions in a society where people judge and talk. The lyrics encourage listeners to be fearless and boldly declare their love. Because ”love is a game we deserve to play out loud”. Hell yeah.

8. ‘Something About Him’ by Brockhampton

We love Brockhampton’s story almost as much as we love this track. Formed by Kevin Abstract, who came out behind the mic at 19, Brockhampton is a rap group, art collective, and more.

Something About Him is a song about a man loving another man, apparently written about Abstract’s long-term boyfriend, Jaden Walker. We think it’s the perfect song to devote to your man too.

9. ‘Forrest Gump’ by Frank Ocean

In 2012, Frank Ocean revealed his sexuality in a raw, beautiful Tumblr note. Forrest Gump was one of the feature songs on the album also out that year, Channel Orange.

This aw-worthy song pulls on themes from the 1994 comedy of the same name (movie night, anyone?). The lyrics ”you’re running on my mind boy” will resonate with anyone who can’t get a certain special man out of their head.

10. ‘Tongue’ by MNEK

If you prefer your gay love songs a little more upbeat, Tongue is the song for you (and your man). MNEK himself/herself/themself describes the track as ‘very up-tempo, it’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s sassy, it’s gay as hell.

Seductive lyrics? Tick. Epic vocals? Tick. Sassy bassline? Tick. Hot as hell video? Tick, Tick, Tick. This Londoner has it all!

11. ‘Always Got the Love’ by Cub Sport

Brissy pop group Cub Sport’s 2022 song, Always Got the Love, celebrates the joy of falling in love with the right person and comes complete with a glitzy pop video. Take a look!

The hit song was released from the group’s latest album, which strives for queer visibility. Jesus at the Gay Bar debuted at number 1 on the ARIA albums chart in April 2023.

And that’s our round-up of our favourite top 11 gay love songs for him. What will you add to the list?

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