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getting gonorrhea

Did you know?

Unlike some other common STIs, gono can spread through kissing.

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We help gay men plan their travel in Australia

Whether you’re a local or visiting from overseas, there’s a lot to see Down Under. Emen8 covers a range of topics related to travel in Australia. We’re here to help you have a safe, enjoyable, and gay-friendly trip.

Gay-friendly travel across Australia

We understand you want to make the most out of your travel within Australia. That’s why we’ve put together a series of gay-friendly travel guides across Australia’s states and territories:

We’re always looking to expand our series of travel guides, so if there’s a location you’d like to see on our list, let us know.

Explore Australian LGBTQ locations, festivals and events

We discuss locations and events of interest to guys into other guys. If you’re planning a trip within or to Australia, here are a few articles that might be of interest to you:

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