About Emen8

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Emen8 launched in May 2017 as Australia’s biggest and boldest online sexual health and wellbeing initiative for gay, bisexual, and other men (cis and trans) who have sex with men. Find us on Emen8.com.au, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Emen8 is produced by gay men and queer people. We recognise that gay and bi+ men have diverse lives and experiences and that wellbeing isn’t just about how we have sex; it’s about our friends, partners, families, communities, passions and how we live.

That’s why Emen8’s content covers entertainment, travel, community events, style, food, fitness, culture, sex, dating, relationships, health, and wellbeing.

We take a sex-positive approach and aim to reflect the spectrum of sexual and gendered expression among gay and bi+ men.

Emen8 is designed to be a project for good, providing reliable, informative content that keeps you up to date on all matters related to sexual health and wellbeing in a fun and entertaining manner.

Emen8 is supported by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care.

You can get involved!

You are our greatest resource. If you want your voice to be heard and have the chance to make an impact on a national scale, why not contact us? You could write an article, make a short film or interview, snap some quality photos, or even send us some audio. Take the opportunity to get involved and share what’s important to you as a queer person.

Supporting Organisations

Thorne Harbour Health

Thorne Harbour Health is one of Australia’s largest LGBTI community-controlled organisations – providing services and advocacy for the wellbeing of our LGBTI communities and people living with HIV. Established in 1983, the organisation was founded to lead the community response to HIV and AIDS. Today, Thorne Harbour honours that legacy as it responds to a broad range of issues affecting our gender, sex, and sexually diverse communities – including sexual health, family violence, mental health, alcohol and drug use, and trans health.

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ACON is Australia’s largest health promotion organisation specialising in community health, inclusion and HIV responses for people of diverse sexualities and genders. Established in 1985, ACON works to create opportunities for people in our communities to live their healthiest lives.

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