About Emen8

Emen8 launched in May 2017 as Australia’s biggest and boldest online sexual health and wellbeing initiative for gay men, bisexual men and other men who have sex with men. Its online presence includes Emen8.com.au and Facebook.

We’re gay men. We recognise that gay men’s lives are diverse, we recognise that gay men’s experience is broad and we recognise that wellbeing isn’t just about how we have sex, it’s about how we live, our friends, our partners, our families, our networks, our communities, our passions and our interests. Emen8 content will include information on news, entertainment, travel, community events, culture, sex and wellbeing.

When it comes to sex and sexuality, we love it all! We recognise that the spectrum of sexual expression amongst gay men is expansive, varied and generous! We’re sex positive, and our content seeks to reflect how we live now. We know how the smallest ideas can ripple effortlessly online, and Emen8 is designed to be a force for good, providing reliable, informative content that will keep you up to date on all matters related to sexual health and wellbeing.

Emen8 is supported by the Commonwealth Department of Health.

You can be involved!

You are our greatest resource. If you want your voice to be heard and to have the chance to make an impact on a national scale, why don’t you get in touch? You could write an article, make a short film, snap some quality photos, or even send us some audio. Take the opportunity to share what’s important to you, your friends, partners, networks and communities, let your voice be heard by getting involved.

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