Five top tunes to pick you up after a crappy day

By Emen8, updated 2 years ago in Lifestyle / Entertainment

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Maybe work’s hectic, perhaps he just isn’t that into you, or it might even just be that it’s Tuesday and you’re still wrecked after a big weekend. Whatever the reason, here are five top tunes to pick you up and get you through a crappy day

We all have crappy days, for whatever reason. Here are five tunes for five different shit-storms to make you feel that little bit better.

5. Feel Like Making Love, Bad Company

Perhaps you’re putting more into it than he is, it could be that you just don’t click but you really wanted to make it work, or maybe it’s just done. It sucks and it’s not a great feeling no matter where you sit on the breakup decision spectrum. Advice: step away from the wine and delete Adele from your playlist. Why not pick a sexual song from a 1970s English rock band instead?

4. Fifty-Fifty Clown, Cocteau Twins

Is your boss a micro-managing sadist? Is Jacob in IT giving you grief because he’s lazy and hiding behind the “company policy” excuse for not delivering on what you need? Does Helen keep stealing your stapler? Work can be a bitch, but if you’re like me and not really into meditation, yoga, or whichever other conscious relaxation method may be the flavour of the month, Fifty-Fifty Clown will help you out. I guarantee it will take the sting out of the day.

3. Shake It Off, Taylor Swift

The song for when you think nothing else could go wrong, and then, well, something else does. Tay Tay may be the queen of bubblegum pop, but you know what, there’s a time and a place for everything! When the world looks grey, you may as well have something fun to sing along to. But if you’re just feeling blue with the world, Ryan Adams recorded a more laid back version of Taylor’s hit that’s cool, calm and collectable.

2. The Unforgiven, Metallica

You’re angry! And I get it! The Unforgiven is a masterpiece of anger, fury and rage — all rolled into one. This heavy metal opera will be there for you in solidarity when you’re feeling like a ball of anger. The sing-along will also help to thrash out a bit of resentment and allow you to recalibrate and make it through the day.

1. You’re a Superstar, Love Inc.

It’s Tuesday, you worked that dance floor like a champ right up until Sunday’s dawn. You may have even had a few drinks Sunday arvo in order to break the crash, but you are now completely void of serotonin and need something to get you through the day. You’re a Superstar is the gem you are after, not only is this dancey little number a flashback to a simpler time, the lyrics somehow make you feel like the underdog who is coming out on top against all odds. For full recovery, add the following ingredients: exercise, three serves of veggies and eight hours sleep.

Hopefully one of these will get you through your crappy day, but if not, remember what the great philosopher Johnny Depp once said: “Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.”