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Hey Google… search the internet for spicy content!

Ah, the World Wide Web. What can’t you find on it? Cat memes, word games and so much more! It’s all down to helpful search engines that rummage through millions of websites to bring you the best of what you desire the most!

But did you know that all those questions you search on Google get saved? So, we took a look at what you wanted to know about sex, sexual health and everything else.

That’s right… we know what you Googled last summer! So here are the top 10 online searches for Emen8’s most wanted content. Enjoy, and watch out for the #NSFW ones!

1. If my partner is on PrEP am I safe?

Who’d have thought there’d be so much to unpack in one little question! Yet here it is — the #1 topic you all want to know about.

At face value, sure. Someone who uses PrEP doesn’t have HIV. So if this is definitely the situation, you can’t be at risk when they don’t have the virus to begin with. But HIV isn’t the only thing to think about in the bedroom. Our takeaway: will you choose to protect yourself, or will you choose to believe somebody else is going to do it for you?

Dive into You’re HIV negative – Should you trust a guy who says he’s on PrEP? for our #NSFW guide on what it all means for you and your wellbeing.

2. Should I take PrEP if my partner is undetectable?

Everyone wants simple answers from the internet. But that’s not always how life works — especially when questions start with “should I…”.

Let’s cut to the chase: you don’t need PrEP if your partner is living with HIV and is undetectable. Using HIV treatment means they can’t pass it on. Remember, it’s not just about you. Your partner’s feelings about wanting to keep you safe come into play too. And speaking of play, we’re just talking about sex between you and your partner. If you’re in an open relationship, there are other things to consider when it comes to looking after each other’s health.

We break down the emotional ins and outs for you and your partner in My boyfriend’s undetectable. Do I need to use PrEP?

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3. How to put on a cock ring

Before we answer this, let’s start with a pro tip: if it’s your first time using a cock ring, don’t go for a metal one. Yes, they make your junk look amazing… but you and the team at the Emergency Room are in for a long night if you get stuck in it.

Rubber or soft plastic rings are cheap and easy to take off if you get into trouble. Then, it’s just a matter of preference: balls in or balls out? With more than one way to put a ring on it, check out Cock rings for dummies (and everyone else).

4. My STI test came back negative but I still have symptoms / What’s an STI window period?

Could a sexual health test miss something? What’s going on if you still have symptoms despite a negative result? Welcome, brother, to the window period!

In a double whammy of related topics, it seems being conscientious about STIs is a common thing. And rightly so – we all want the confidence to enjoy sex without the worry of an STI being present. We spoke to a sexual health expert to understand more about the time it can take between coming into contact with an STI and it showing up on a test – it’s not always immediately!

Get the lowdown on testing window periods and the importance of regular testing in: Could I still have an STI if my results were all negative?

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5. Can you get gonorrhea from kissing?

Look… we’re not into clickbait for a big reveal. This simple answer is: yes, gonorrhea can spread through kissing.

We’re not talking a peck on the cheek here, but deep pash action with saliva swapping is one way for gono to spread. That’s why it’s important to get tested regularly, even if you always use condoms! Find out more in It started with a kiss: are we passing on gonorrhea in our saliva?

6. Gay pig meaning

Oink, oink! You naughty little piglets are a curious bunch.

No formal definition for a ‘gay pig’ seems to exist. But if you find yourself squealing with delight at anal play, toys, armpits, body odour, fisting, group sex, or spit, you might be a little piggy after all!

Whether you’re looking to go the whole hog or just dip your trotters in, we stick our snouts into pig play in this #NSFW tongue in cheek roundup: Am I a pig?

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7. PrEP missed dose / Taking PrEP late

Good adherence is key to making a sexual health strategy such as PrEP work for you. But missing a dose of PrEP once in a while is only human. Whether it’s a big deal or not depends on a few factors that we cover in What should you do if you’ve missed a dose of PrEP?

Check it out to see the best course of action for your circumstances and whether you should consider getting emergency PEP to stay HIV negative.

8. How to last longer in bed

When it’s that good, who doesn’t wanna keep going!? And yet, premature ejaculation is the most common challenge for men during sex. We take our time to round up some tried and tested ways that can help prolong your pleasure.

From edging to numbing creams, thicker condoms and exploring different positions, find out more in Six ways to last longer in the sack. #NSFW

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9. HIV test kit

The RAT’s out of the bag! Y’all know the drill for COVID… well, now the same goes for HIV. With HIV self testing kits, you can get a rapid result in just 15 minutes from the privacy of your own home. Read all about how to get your hands on one in HIV self testing kits now in Australia — discreet results in 15 minutes.

10. Gay threesome

Whoever said “two’s company but three’s a crowd” was clearly a prude. Seems you lot aren’t, though! Coming in at number 10 is your curiosity about spicing up one-on-one sex life with a special guest star. It’s #NSFW, but you’ll want to read all about it in More than three ways to make the most of a three-way.

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