A guide to Trans Day of Visibility

By Oli McAuslan, updated 4 weeks ago in Lifestyle / LGBT people and culture

A transgender flag being waved at LGBT gay pride march

Trans and gender-diverse folk are an integral and vibrant part of our Australian LGBTQ community. Gender-diverse people and their allies should get involved in Trans Day of Visibility to celebrate the diversity and vitality of the trans community.

What is Transgender Day of Visibility?

Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) is an annual international celebration of trans pride and recognition. It brings trans excellence to the front and recognises the diverse lives of trans and gender-diverse people. On TDOV, we raise the stories and achievements of the trans community while also acknowledging the discrimination and stigma trans and gender-diverse folk face.

When is Trans Day of Visibility?

31 March is International Transgender Day of Visibility.

In 2024, TDOV is on Sunday 31 March.


History of Transgender Day of Visibility

Back in 2009, Trans Day of Visibility was organised by trans activist Rachel Crandall, who wanted to celebrate and uplift trans people. After settling on a date that didn’t clash with other pride or trans events, Crandall began contacting people on Facebook about her idea. The first year’s celebration was small but has become an exciting international event.

What’s the difference between Trans Day of Remembrance and Trans Day of Visibility?

Trans Day of Remembrance is a day of mourning for the trans community members we have lost due to violent acts of transphobia and transmisogyny. Observed on 20 November, this day emphasises the systemic injustices the trans and gender-diverse community faces and is a commitment to fighting transphobia. Crandall started Trans Day of Visibility to celebrate and unite living trans folk. Both days are significant for trans and gender-diverse folk and the broader LGBTQ community but have different purposes.

Why is visibility important?

Seeing gender-diverse people represented at all levels of society is integral in creating trans-inclusive environments. By celebrating the achievements of trans activists and trailblazers, we can provide role models for younger trans folk and encourage people to feel proud of their identity. Trans Day of Visibility is about reclaiming space and recognising trans excellence.

Event founder Rachel Crandall also writes about the role of allies in creating trans visibility:

“It’s easy to call yourself an ally. However, to really get out there for us, speak up for us, to write letters and educate your friends — that is something else.”

What are some events and activities for TDOV in Australia?

Check out Trans Day of Visibility events in your local area. There are rallies, protests, community picnics, awareness stalls and activities, and arts and culture performances by trans and gender-diverse leaders.

How to be a good ally this Trans Day of Visibility?

  • Listen to and share trans voices – attend TDoV speak-outs
  • Celebrate the achievements and talents of trans people – supporting trans art, sharing on social media
  • Get involved in the trans rights movement – attend rallies and events
  • Educate yourself on trans issues – ACON has some resources to do this:

Transhub is a fantastic resource for gender-diverse people and allies to learn about all aspects of trans affirmation, health and being a good ally. Their Trans Vitality Toolkit and training workshops provide resilience-building for trans and gender-diverse adults in NSW focusing on support, agency, and uplifting trans voices.

Check out ACON’s Pride in Health and Wellbeing’s Trans Day of Visibility ideas sheet, to educate yourself (such as how to affirm someone’s pronouns) and get your organisation involved in training programs.

Trans and gender-diverse organisations and resources around Australia