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Am I a pig?

Bears, wolves, pandas, bulls, pups, cubs and otters all online! In this digital dating zootopia, surely something separates the smell of sizzling bacon from going the whole hog — so what does it really mean to be a gay pig and who qualifies?

It seems our ages, shapes, sizes and even amounts of body hair are key differentiators for splitting the smorgasbord of gay subculture identities on offer. But our fascination for categorising ourselves and each other with labels borrowed from the animal kingdom is a whole other kettle of fish. While lines of distinction between categories might not always have crisp edges, one of these things doesn’t quite squeeze its curly tail into a box along with the others: pigs.

Most of the common creature classifications are founded in physical attributes backhanded to us by Mother Nature. Too slim to be a bear but too furry to be a twink? No problem — maybe you oughta’ embrace being an otter.

Other factors beyond our control such as age and genetic ancestry can contribute towards these tribal alliances. From what I hear, it’s just robust gentlemen from Asian communities with the potential to be pandas, and only time will tell when young cubs eventually mature into bearhood.

So where does that leave the humble pig?

There’s not a sausage of evidence to suggest these curious critters all outwardly present in the same way. Young, mature, svelte, muscled, chunky, furry, and anything to everything in between. What seems ubiquitous for those with a porcine propensity (that’s the animal family name for pigs by the way) are behaviour-based characteristics.

“There’s not a sausage of evidence to suggest these curious critters all outwardly present in the same way.”

I won’t boar you with all the details, but if you find yourself squealing with delight at the mention of any of these in a sexual setting, perhaps you might identify as being a little piggy too:

  • Anal play with toys
  • Armpits or body odour
  • Bodily fluids
  • Fisting
  • Group sex
  • Spit or sweat
  • Underwear, socks or sneakers

This list of particular interests isn’t necessarily comprehensive if you’re looking to qualify. It’s also worth noting you don’t have to tick every item off. But if you do, you might deservedly take first place in show for the piggiest around — assuming pulling rank (or pork) is important to you.

While no formal description of the term seems to exist, Urban Dictionary offers one definition dating back to 2003: “A homosexual man who likes to have dirty sex, including watersports and lots of ejaculate.”

Other similar definitions floating around the world wide web use terms such as kinky, sleazy, raunchy and seedy. We could split hairs over how each of those is described in the dictionary, but you probably get the gist by now.

Who gives an oink anyway?

The increasing popularity of proclaiming a piggy persona on profiles across dating apps is a reflection of how more and more gay and bisexual men are comfortable communicating the kind of sex they enjoy, as well as discussing sexual safety practices.

If you find yourself casually flirting with a view to heavy petting one of these popular prize pigs, there’s a great opportunity to ask about what kind of activities you might mutually enjoy together. Discussing limits — or even declaring if you have none — can help make sure everyone’s clear with what you choose to get up to when getting down to business.

“…more and more gay and bisexual men are comfortable communicating the kind of sex they enjoy, as well as discussing sexual safety practices.”

Ultimately, anyone of us has the opportunity to consider ourselves a pig (or not) regardless of the kind of sex we enjoy. If it’s legal, consensual and enjoyable, then surely a little of what you fancy can’t be a bad thing.

Sexual safety for swines

Piggy sex might involve all sorts of bodily fluids, which can increase the risk of transmitting or acquiring HIV and other STIs. You can maximise your protection by knowing about and using strategies such as condoms, PrEP, managing an undetectable viral load if you’re living with HIV, or PEP if you’ve had a possible exposure to HIV.

It’s even possible to combine several strategies, serving up a platter of possible ways to stay safe. Hog whatever works harmoniously for you and check out Wanna compare tools? Here’s how safe sex choices measure up down under for everything you need to know.

For further reading on boosting your safety and enjoyment, you can discover more in Emen8’s Facts section as well as getting the lowdown from these online resources produced specially for guys who enjoy a more adventurous trot on the wild side:

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  1. Well after doing some research, I’ve learned I’m definitely a pig bottom, and people like Mike make it difficult to be out about it with his slut shaming. Oh well, you get no pork, Mike!

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