How to get the perfect sized condom online, custom-made to fit you

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Many men dislike regular condoms, as they can be too tight or too loose. And even some larger or snugger sizes available don’t quite cut it. If this is true for you, why not order some extra large or extra small condoms, custom-made to suit your schlong’s exact measurements.

Condom sizes in Australia

The human pecker comes in a range of wonderful shapes and sizes. And a pack of condoms from Coles or Woolworths will serve many of these insatiable schlongs satisfactorily. But while up to 70% of Australian gay and bisexual men report using condoms with competence, a much smaller proportion, as low as 3.8%, report positive experiences of using condoms.

When condoms don’t fit

Just because something fits, doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. To put these figures in a nutshell (or nutsack), most gay men use condoms, but most of those men don’t enjoy using them. This comes as no surprise to those of us who have experienced the sensation (or lack thereof) of being slightly constricted by an overly tight condom or the frustration of having an overly loose condom gradually disrobing during sex.

Custom fit condoms

ONE Condoms is a UK-based condom company that produces 58 uniquely sized condom sizes custom-fit to closer suit your member’s exact length and thickness. 10 different lengths from 120-237mm (4.7-9.3 inches) and 10 different widths from 45-64mm combine to create the different size options. And getting your size is easy:

  • Simply enter your chopper’s length and circumference (no point in embellishing here gents, save the round-ups for Grindr) if you know them or,
  • Print out a FitKit or,
  • Let them suggest a size for you.

myOne condom sizes

You will then receive a lettered and numbered size to order, and don’t worry, it’s completely arbitrarily coded in case you’re sensitive about your joystick’s measurements and don’t necessarily want an XXS or XXL printed on your bespoke condom packet.

For more details, check out ONE Condoms’ website. Once your order arrives in the mail, you can lie back, relax and enjoy some great sex with a perfectly fitted condom for your most deserving of doodles. Be sure to use ample amounts of lube to ensure smooth sailing with minimal friction.

If personalised condoms are still not for you, there are other options that will protect you from HIV such as PrEP and undetectable viral load, but bear in mind that biomedical strategies don’t offer any protection against other STIs. To find out more vist our Knowledge Hub.

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