Eight of the world’s most amazing gay saunas outside Australia

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Travelling overseas? One of the easiest ways to get up close and personal with the locals is to go to a gay sauna. With most combining fantastic holiday sex with a relaxing spa and sauna, these are the perfect places to unwind and get off.

When exploring far-flung places like Athens and Bangkok, even though the locals might surprise you with their English skills, it’s worth downloading a language app on your phone. Memorise a few basic phrases like “can we use a condom?” or “when were you last tested?”.

Whether you use condoms, PrEP or maintain an undetectable viral load, be sure to have a good sexual health strategy before you travel. Get set for your adventure with a sexual health check-up at least 2 weeks before you head off. Check out this article for our guide to travelling internationally with PrEP.

Overseas gay sex clubs aren’t always as generous with their supplies as Australian sex venues, so take plenty of condoms and lube. Even if condoms aren’t your first choice, they might be for some local guys you meet.

From Der Boiler in Berlin and Magnum in Budapest to Steamworks in Chicago and Sauna Tel Aviv in (you guessed it) Tel Aviv, here are eight of the world’s most amazing gay saunas, bathhouses and sex clubs!

Boiler — men’s sauna in Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s premier gay sauna, Boiler in Kreuzberg, is refreshingly modern inside, unlike the grungy interiors of many similar gay venues in the German capital. A generous array of steam rooms, cruising mazes, chill-out areas, and booths are available.

The slick and contemporary feel of the place makes it ideal for some R and R before you get off with one of the local hotties looking to hook up inside.

inside the sauna at boiler gay sauna berlin germany
Image credit: Boiler

Other notable gay sex clubs in Berlin:

Sun City — gay spa and sauna in Paris, France

Sun City’s exotic interior is more akin to the Moulin Rouge than any other gay sex club you’ve seen! You’ll find a temple-like swimming pool inside with elephant-head fountains, a range of spas, a sauna, a hammam, a labyrinth of cruising areas, and a vast array of cabins and sling rooms, as well as a gym.

This enormous 3000m2 Parisian sauna is the ultimate gay pleasure palace.

inside sun city gay sauna in paris france
Image credit: Sun City

Kaiserbründl — gay bathhouse in Vienna, Austria

One of the most beautiful and oldest running gay bathhouses in the world, Kaiserbründl has been open to Vienna since 1889.

Its lavish interiors and opulent bathing pools look like something out of ancient Rome and make the venue well worth a visit, even if you’re not necessarily looking to get off.

inside kaiserbruendl gay sauna in vienna austria
Image credit: Kaiserbründl

Magnum Sauna — gay steam room in Budapest, Hungary

The beautiful Hungarian capital of Budapest is considered by many to be the “Paris” of Eastern Europe. After taking in its many spectacular sights, perhaps with a visit to one of its many lavish thermal bathhouses, turn your attention to a more intimate aquatic facility – Magnum Sauna in the 8th district.

The venue features a range of slick wet areas, including a sauna, jacuzzi, and Budapest’s largest steam room. The cruising maze and sprawling labyrinth of cabins are surprisingly expansive for such an unassuming sauna — it can take up to 10 minutes to walk through the entire space!

inside magnum gay sauna in budapest hungary
Image credit: Magnum Sauna

Alexander Sauna — gay sex venue in Athens, Greece

Athens’ pre-eminent gay sauna is spread over five floors. Regularly renovated since opening in 2007, Alexander Sauna features many of the regular facilities you’d expect. There are private cabins, saunas, a jacuzzi and a movie room.

Less run-of-the-mill amenities include a foam playroom, a mega steam labyrinth, detention cells and prison cabins! It’s the perfect place to engage in role-play if you’re inclined.

inside alexander sauna gay sauna in athens greece
Image credit: Alexander Sauna

Steamworks — gay sauna in Chicago, USA

One of North America’s most esteemed gay sex on-premises venues, Steamworks in Chicago, is open 24/7, 365 days a year! Its vast and impressive offerings include a well-maintained wet area with a cavernous steam room and an enormous multi-man whirlpool.

As is more common in North American saunas, private rooms are available for an extra fee. Otherwise, six public play areas across two floors boast suck-ramps, a sling, two fuck benches, a viewing area and the infamous “Sexagon” six-sided glory hole booth! A state-of-the-art gym is also part of Steamworks. All the venue’s TVs play 19 digital channels of the latest adult entertainment.

inside steamworks gay sauna chicago usa
Image credit: Steamworks

Find other Steamworks located in:

Chakran Sauna — men only sex venue in Bangkok, Thailand

Just a short walk from Ari BTS station, you’ll find Chakran Sauna. The venue includes a 24-hour swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam room, dark room, and private cabins. The rooftop onsen is a trendy recent addition you’ll want to experience.

The busiest times are after work and at weekends. Keep your eyes open for regular naked nights, foam parties and other themed events. Patrons must be at least 20 years old to enter.

inside chakran sauna gay sauna in bangkok thailand
Image credit: Chakran Sauna

Other gay sex venues in Bangkok:

Sauna Tel Aviv — gay sauna in Tel Aviv, Israel

With the most advanced LGBT rights in the Middle East, Israel’s gay scene is thriving. And nowhere is this more visible than at the boutique Sauna Tel Aviv, which features a large sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, showers, a sling room, a public play area and private rooms.

A licensed bar, relaxation room and live DJs also make this venue suitable for platonic socialising.

inside sauna tel aviv gay sauna in tel aviv israel
Image credit: Sauna Tel Aviv

For more of the hottest gay saunas and sex clubs worldwide, check out the listings at Spartacus International Gay Guide.

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