HIV – What if I test positive for HIV?

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If you test positive for HIV your doctor will do more tests to confirm the results. Once the positive result is confirmed, your doctor can help you with the next steps for starting HIV treatment as soon as possible.

A positive HIV diagnosis can be a lot to process. Take some time to understand the diagnosis and come to terms with how you’re feeling.

But know this: you’re not alone. And you can still have a full and healthy life as someone living with HIV.

In Australia, there are many services available to you through the public health system. These can help you manage HIV and include many forms of support, including counselling.

Find a doctor you trust

When it comes to your health, it’s important you feel comfortable speaking to your doctor about anything. This includes everything from mental health to diet and exercise, as well as your sexual health. If you aren’t confident your current doctor can give you the support you need, find another health care provider you trust.

For advice, contact a health service that specialises in sexual health and HIV support. These services can help you connect with a health professional. See our partner network for HIV organisations in your state or territory.

See HIV Treatment for more information about how to start treatment and what to expect.