Guys like Jason and Jeff use PrEP to prevent HIV

By Chris Williams, updated 2 years ago in Lifestyle / LGBT people and culture

Jeff and Jason two men sitting on couch glancing at each other

Across Australia, guys are using different methods to stop the spread of HIV. For Jason and Jeff, daily PrEP means they are covered no matter who they’re going to have sex with.

Jason and Jeff’s story

Jason and Jeff are a regular friendly gay couple. They have a ginger cat, collect Star Wars figures and enjoy a healthy sex life with each other as well as other guys.

Loving each other means looking after each other. And after almost eight years into their relationship, communicating and keeping each other safe is as important now as when they first got together, especially when it comes to sexual health. Jason and Jeff are both HIV negative and use PrEP — a highly effective medicine that protects them against HIV.

“I think PrEP is like a promise really. That we won’t go back to that; we won’t go back to that era of AIDS and all the horrible things that went with it.”

Opting in to a PrEP program involves taking PrEP pills as advised by a doctor and going for comprehensive HIV and STI testing every three months. PrEP only protects against HIV, so when it comes to other STIs, Jason and Jeff are well educated about the risks and can make informed decisions about the kind of sex they want. After all, enjoyment is an important part of their sex lives.

Having been a teenager at the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, Jeff is no stranger to the tragic legacy of lives lost to the virus. But nowadays, he’s thrilled to see his friends who live with HIV living happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. It’s a significant contrast to his memories of the past. And for both Jason and Jeff, their choice to use PrEP is like making a promise to never go back to those days.

“When a guy says he has an undetectable viral load, it doesn’t really change anything for me… still the same and it means that we’re still on, basically.”

Combining the confidence of being protected by PrEP and knowing an undetectable viral load prevents HIV transmission, someone else’s HIV status isn’t an important factor when it comes to choosing partners and negotiating safe sex. They’re both open to great experiences with HIV negative guys as well as guys living with HIV.

New cases of HIV in Australia are decreasing thanks to the ongoing efforts of guys who are choosing and combining the various different ways to prevent HIV — Guys like Jason and Jeff. Guys like you. Guys like us.

Real guys making real choices

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Many ways to prevent HIV

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So whether you rely on PrEP, an undetectable viral load, condoms, an emergency course of PEP when it’s needed, or even a blend of options, having real conversations about real choices is the foundation for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

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If it’s been more than three months since you last had comprehensive HIV and STIs tests, our interactive map will help you locate testing services nearby and across Australia.

You can also reach out to your local HIV/AIDS or LGBTI health organisation as well as community groups providing support to people living with HIV, and for people considering PrEP. You can find their details in our national network of partners.