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Daily or on-demand PrEP? — How to choose what’s best for you

When used as advised, on-demand PrEP is equally effective at protecting someone against HIV as daily PrEP — making it another appealing choice in the HIV prevention toolkit.

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I’m not hooking up. Should I stop taking PrEP every day?

One reader asked: “I’ve decided to stop hooking up. The thing is, I’m not sure if it’s OK to just stop taking my PrEP every day or if there’s something else I should do. Can you help?”

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Just the tips: storing PrEP, using it safely and more

Handy tips for storing your PrEP pills, using them correctly, the colours they come in and what to do in the unlikely event yours split.

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Doctor Vincent wearing glasses smiling
Guys like Vincent work to stop the spread of HIV

Across Australia, guys are using different methods to stop the spread of HIV with help from sexual health specialists like Dr Vincent.

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Guys like Tom use PrEP to prevent HIV

Across Australia, guys are using different methods to stop the spread of HIV. Tom uses PrEP combined with condoms for helping prevent STIs too.

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Jeff and Jason two men sitting on couch glancing at each other
Guys like Jason and Jeff use PrEP to prevent HIV

Across Australia, guys are using different methods to stop the spread of HIV. For Jason and Jeff, daily PrEP means they are covered no matter who they’re going to have sex with.

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Using four great options to prevent HIV: a combination for success

The ways guys keep themselves and each other safe from HIV has changed. From using condoms to highly effective preventative medicines, different methods work for different guys, and that can all change depending on the circumstances.

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PrEP for STIs – Is biomedical STI prevention within our reach?

Could there be a pill to prevent STIs? What was once unimaginable as a concept is already fast becoming an unprecedented success when it comes to using prescription medicine to prevent HIV. But is there any hope of a medical breakthrough to address the growing STI epidemic? Yes, there could be…

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On-demand PrEP – Powerful HIV protection when you decide

PrEP is a highly effective HIV prevention strategy that combines using medicine with regular sexual health testing. But what if there was a way to achieve the same powerful, biomedical protection without needing to use medicine every day?

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HIV 101: 2018 edition

For almost four decades our communities have been living with the HIV epidemic. In the last few years, there have been some remarkable leaps and bounds in how much we understand about HIV and what we can do to treat and prevent it more effectively than ever. Welcome to HIV in the 21st century.

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