Guys like Vincent work to stop the spread of HIV

By Chris Williams, updated 3 months ago in Lifestyle / LGBT people and culture

Doctor Vincent wearing glasses smiling

Across Australia, guys are using different methods to stop the spread of HIV with help from sexual health specialists like Dr Vincent.

Guys like Vincent work to stop the spread of HIV — Choosing an HIV prevention option | Emen8

Vincent’s story

Most of us know at least one guy who’s come back from the doctor’s with an awkward tale of being probed about their recent sexcapades. But if so, they probably didn’t have an appointment with Dr Vincent.

As a friendly sexual health expert and member of the LGBTI community himself, there are very few stories he hasn’t heard before. Talking about sex, HIV prevention and sexual health is an everyday occurrence, and Dr Vincent has a knack for helping people feel comfortable to give him the information he needs to provide quality healthcare.

When it comes to choosing and combining HIV prevention strategies, it’s refreshing to know that doctors like Vincent are familiar with traditional methods for preventing HIV such as the mighty condom, as well as other options involving modern medicines.

“Some people might choose the use of condoms as their ideal form of HIV prevention and obviously, condoms come with the benefit of also preventing many other STIs.”

Over the past few years, HIV prevention options have progressed in leaps and bounds. As a specialist in sexual health, Dr Vincent is well-versed in helping people understand and choose options such as PrEP, using HIV treatment to maintain an undetectable viral load and PEP in an emergency.

While not all doctors are familiar with all of these just yet, it’s still good to start a conversation about sexual health options with yours — and if you don’t feel you’re getting the best healthcare for your needs, it’s OK to consider finding another doctor.

Guys like Vincent work to stop the spread of HIV — Choosing a healthcare provider | Emen8

For your doctor to provide you with the best healthcare, you’ve got to give a little to get a little. Dr Vincent says there are a few things that are useful for him to know, such as; how many people you’ve had sex with, the kind of sex you’ve been having and what kinds of HIV prevention methods you have or haven’t been using. An open and honest conversation about you partners and prevention options ensures you get the right advice and next steps on choosing HIV prevention options suited to you and your circumstances.

“Gay and bisexual guys do sexual health really well on the whole. They’re much more aware about vaccinations, PrEP, the need to use condoms, how to negotiate consent, those sort of issues which are often ignored in the broader population.”

As well as celebrating who’s doing what well, Dr Vincent also goes on to explain that all of the HIV prevention options are available to trans and gender diverse people too. There are even dedicated online sexual health resources for trans guys into other guys.

New cases of HIV in Australia are decreasing thanks to the ongoing efforts of guys who are choosing and combining the various different ways to prevent HIV, as well as the doctors who support us — Guys like Dr Vincent. Guys like you. Guys like us.

Real guys making real choices

Guys across Australia are using different methods to stop the spread of HIV. We caught up with other guys around the country to find out how they each make choices, and how that can sometimes change based on the circumstances. Check out their videos here:

Many ways to prevent HIV

There are many methods for preventing HIV. From using condoms to highly effective preventative medicines, different methods work for different guys, and that can all change depending on the circumstances. There are even different types of PrEP to suit your needs. Finding out which may be best for you is as easy as using our PrEP Selector tool.

So whether you rely on PrEP, an undetectable viral load, condoms, an emergency course of PEP when it’s needed, or even a blend of options, having real conversations about real choices is the foundation for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

For anyone in Australia who needs access to HIV treatment but does not have access to Medicare, start a conversation with a sexual health specialist or get in touch through our contact form or Messenger for more information.

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If it’s been more than three months since you last had comprehensive HIV and STIs tests, our interactive map will help you locate testing services nearby and across Australia.

You can also reach out to your local HIV/AIDS or LGBTI health organisation as well as community groups providing support to people living with HIV, and for people considering PrEP. You can find their details in our national network of partners.