Getting laid in layers: 6 winter fashion trends for gay and bi+ men

By Emen8, updated 1 month ago in Lifestyle / Style and grooming

It’s that time of year — the temperature is dropping, nights are getting longer.

Cuffing season is upon us, and you might be on the hunt for a hibernation buddy to keep you warm on cold nights.

While you’ve been busy swiping to find that special someone, we’ve put together a list of gay fashion trends to keep you looking hot, even when the weather’s not.

1. Workwear

It’s official: cargo pants aren’t going anywhere.

Workwear is in, and iconic fashion houses like Fendi, JW Anderson, Vinnies and Salvos are sending it down the runway. Think chore jackets, overalls, carpenter pants, and heavy boots—things that say, “I’ve got a tool, and I know how to use it.”

One major plus of workwear is the many oversized pockets, perfect for carrying your wallet, keys, and some condoms to your next date. Rock up to in a rugged look, and he may just invite you home to fix his pipes.

2. Structured silhouettes

If you’re in the habit of wining and dining, a structured suit is sure to impress.

Broad-shouldered jackets and sharply tailored pants are classic and flattering. The shape and style of structured silhouettes are a great option for trans guys — a perfect blend of elegance and masculinity.

The humble suit is perfect for all climates. Melburnians can throw on an overcoat to beat the chill, while Brisbane gays and theys can swap out the wool for linen.

3. Seductive colours

Ready to ruffle some feathers with your pea-cock?

Sultry shades of red, like burgundy and Bordeaux, gorgeous greens and emeralds, and deep purples will make you look like royalty on a first date. Match these with some neutral basics and we guarantee your date won’t be able to take their eyes off you.

4. Bags

If Jacob Elordi has a purse, why not try a little bag of your own?

Whether you opt for a designer cross-body or a thrift tote, bags are the perfect way to stay prepared in style. Gloves and beanie for the walk over? In the bag. Breath mints for a first kiss? In the bag. Your phone to order an Uber for two? In the bag. PrEP or HIV treatment meds for some mind-blowing sex? In the bag.

5. Leather

This season, leather is so in: jackets, boots, pants, gloves, you name it.

Leather has been important to the queer community and kink cultures since the 40s. 2017 Laird Leatherman Brad Redmond talks fondly of the “few great venues that support the leather scene in Melbourne…[its] still quite vibrant and significant.”

Kinkster or not, a leather vest, bag or jacket is a perfect addition to a sexy winter outfit.

6. Skirts

On the runways of Paris to the streets of Sydney, dudes are wearing skirts. And we love it.

If you want to jump on the Naarmcore trend, try wearing jeans under a plaid skirt. If you’re in your Clueless high-fashion era, pair a pleated skirt with a matching blazer. Or, if you’ve talked about it with your date beforehand, wear nothing underneath at all for easy access.

You may find that breaking gender barriers has never felt so freeing.

Feeling inspired? Check out some of our favourite online stores for your next first date outfit.

We can’t promise you’ll find love, but with a light refresh of your winter wardrobe, you might be one step closer to shedding those layers on his bedroom floor.