Five lesser known erogenous zones for men that are sure to get you off

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Man lying in bed with back exposed

It’s always fun to mix things up in the bedroom and try something new.

Your body is home to many layered surfaces of sensuality, so if you’re in a bit of a sexual rut, or simply wish to play with your sexual preferences, focus your attention on one of these lesser known but no less attention-deserving erogenous zones for men. Take pleasure in seeing you and a sexual partner get off from a surprising corner of your body that you may never have sourced pleasure from before.


While many of us are quick to engage in foreplay by way of blowjobs and mutual masturbation, consider working your sexual partner’s back over with a relaxing and sensual massage to get things started instead.

And for an extremely erotic and tingling sensation, slowly run the tip of your tongue from the top of their ass to the base of their neck up and down again a few times. Your lover will be pleasantly surprised by how stimulating a bit of sensory focus on the back can be.

Ears and neck

When you’re making out, don’t limit yourself purely to his mouth. Neck kissing sends signals to your circulatory system, increasing blood flow. Sensually alternate between his lips and his neck, and for the ultimate tickling sensation. Make a slight humming or moaning noise — the vibrations and heat will heighten his arousal.

“When you’re making out, don’t limit yourself purely to his mouth.”

You’d be impressed to see how many guys can get off by this erotic ear licking alone, while also masturbating their cocks as you lay beside them.


Believe it or not, sexual interest in feet or podophilia, as it is known technically, is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts. With this in mind, testing the waters with this fetish is more likely than any others to elicit a positive response from your lover.

So consider lightly sucking their toes or licking their soles to see if a foot fetish will set them off sexually. Well-washed feet are a must for this sort of play.


When topping or bottoming, or blowing a guy, lightly play with his nipples to gauge whether this is another pleasure point for him. Some men describe their nipples as being “hotwired” to their cocks, so if you attend to this area well, you may very well hit the jackpot.

If your partner is responding well to light touching, consider harder squeezing or even suggesting they graduate to trying out nipple pumping. For more information on nipple fetish and tit torture, head to Down an’ Dirty.

“Some men describe their nipples as being ‘hotwired’ to their cocks”

And if you are having anal sex with a casual partner, be sure to use condoms and plenty of lube; take your PrEP as advised if you’re on it; or take your daily HIV meds if you’re positive and maintaining an undetectable viral load.


When licking his balls, don’t overlook the perineum a little further south. The perineum is that joyful erogenous region of skin between your balls and your anus, and can be stimulated in a variety of ways. To pleasure your partner, alternate between rimming their hole, while licking and sucking their perineum zone every so often.

Other ways to set off this sensual spot include probing it with your fingers or knuckles while fucking them or getting fucked by them. You can also probe it with one hand, while masturbating their cock and balls with the other, often leading to a slightly extended orgasm and feeling of climax.

Play with temperatures and textures

When tending to any erogenous zone, you can maximise sensory overload in any scenario above by altering the temperature and the texture of your touch. Get creative by dipping your hands in cold and hot (not boiling) bowls of water and alternating between temperatures.

“…contrasting temperatures and back and forth can be extremely arousing.”

If you need further inspiration here, consider what was recently described to us as one of the best blowjobs ever received – with the giver swallowing hot coffee, blowing and then switching to swallowing cold ice cream and blowing. On and off, the contrasting temperatures and back and forth can be extremely arousing.

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