Five of the best YouTube fitness channels for working out at home

By Stephen Watkins, updated 2 years ago in Health / Food and fitness

Muscular man stretching legs in gym clothing

Who says you have to pay huge amounts for a personal trainer to get the perfect body? Nowadays, all you need is an internet connection and some free space in your living room to sculpt your dream physique.

Whether you’re a cardio queen, looking for tips and tricks on how to maximize your gains in the gym or seeking a focused month-long yoga plan, here are five great YouTube channels for your fitspiration.

Men’s Health

Subscribers: 108,000+

Men’s Health’s YouTube channel has everything you might want, from exercise breakdowns, guilt-free recipes, weekend workout challenges and gym exercise routines.

This channel is full of actionable tips and expert advice on fitness, health, nutrition, weight loss, sex and relationships, style, career and everything in between. Men’s Health provides the latest insight, strategies, and practical recommendations to help you reach your fitness goals.

Best feature: The videos are usually short and simple, great for while you’re at the gym and need some direction.


Subscribers: 978,000+

The official channel for CrossFit experts and beginners alike, it’s packed with everything you could need from instructional videos to inspirational ones, to the science behind CrossFit and the techniques to get you better results.

Best feature: Anyone with a passion for CrossFit knows the determination it takes; this channel’s motivational community feel is perfect for any fan of the sport.

Yoga with Tim

Subscribers: 97,000+

Tim Sinesi has created a name for himself in the Yoga world studying with Iyengar teachers in California. His videos range in difficulty from beginner level to expert. They’re easy to follow and he’s not bad on the eye either.

Best feature: The 30 day yoga challenge with Tim’s own blend of vinyasa flow yoga for men is low impact and designed to help you attain strength, flexibility and balance.


Subscribers: 2,511,000+

This high energy channel is bursting with a bit of everything from routines to diet advice and featuring top fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda and Billy Blanks Jr. It’s aimed at both men and women with plenty of cardio and boot camp videos.

Best features: The channel is backed by some of the industry’s main leaders; the videos are produced with quality; and the routines are fun, active and easy for all people to follow.


Subscribers: 2,705,000+

This is a great YouTube channel for anyone serious about gains while stripping fat. Athlean-X is a program created by Jeff Cavaliere, former physical therapist and strength coach for the New York Mets, designed to sculpt, strengthen and transform your body.

Best feature: With Jeff’s background and pre-med degree in physio-neurobiology, his advice and methods carry a lot of weight. This is true body building inspiration and guidance for how you too can get there.

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