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Could we crush HIV and STIs if we all got tested right now?

While COVID-19 continues, a unique opportunity emerges: if we all got tested right now, we could whack a whopper of a dent in new HIV and STI transmissions Down Under.

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It started with a kiss: are we passing on gonorrhea in our saliva?

Transmitting gonorrhea in saliva? We have a lot of questions — and thankfully, now some answers.

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Have we found a new weapon in the fight against gonorrhea?

What’s something you can get at the supermarket for a few dollars, which can reduce your risk of acquiring or passing on gonorrhea?

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PrEP for STIs – Is biomedical STI prevention within our reach?

Could there be a pill to prevent STIs? What was once unimaginable as a concept is already fast becoming an unprecedented success when it comes to using prescription medicine to prevent HIV. But is there any hope of a medical breakthrough to address the growing STI epidemic? Yes, there could be…

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HPV vaccinations? If they’re free, I’ll have three!

Did you know there’s a way to help avoid genital and anal warts as well as HPV-related cancers? All it takes is three simple vaccinations. And best of all, getting vaccinated against HPV is free for a limited time in some locations around the country.

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The Two-Week Party Plan – a new way to get set for your next big night

Sex + Party + Plan = the night of your life. Check out the smartest thing you can do with your smartphone when you’re planning to get dirty with a bunch of guys.

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Do guys on PrEP get more STIs?

Are guys on PrEP more likely to acquire an STI? We look at the facts and the research predicting that more guys on PrEP would mean a reduction in STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhea.

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What’s happening with STIs?

STIs are common, opportunistic infections. And it’s no secret that STI rates have been increasing in Australia for some time now. But what can we all do to help prevent and manage them?

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Mycoplasma genitalium – what we know about the newest STI on the block

What’s that you say? A new STI? Here’s everything you need to know about Mycoplasma genitalium and how it’s managed to fly under the radar for all these years.

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The hazards of a tidy taint

Does trimming your pubic hair expose you to more than the breeze? We take a look at the facts and figures around intimate grooming and STIs.

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