Everyday People, Everyday PrEP

Click through to find out more about PrEP in Emen8’s first four PrEP FAQ videos: “What’s the deal with PrEP?”, “How much will PrEP cost me?” and more

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How to buy PrEP – even if you can’t afford it

Even though PrEP is now on the PBS, what can you do if you can’t afford it? We uncover all of the options whether you have access to Medicare or not.

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How to buy PrEP online for personal importation

We’ve produced this guide to help you figure out everything you need to know about buying PrEP online for personal importation.

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Does PrEP = better sex? The important question nobody is asking about sexual health

Do you enjoy your sex life – and does it matter? The crucial question rarely asked about sexual health and PrEP.

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My boyfriend’s undetectable. Do I need to use PrEP?

I’ve been with my amazing boyfriend for many months now and we’re both feeling like we’re ready to ditch the condoms. The thing is, he’s HIV positive and undetectable. He’s suggested I go on PrEP. Do I need to?

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PrEP to be subsidised in Australia from April 1, 2018

The Australian Government Minister for Health has announced that from April 1, 2018, PrEP will be listed on the pharmaceutical …

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PrEP one step closer to becoming affordable and available to all Australians

PrEP has been recommended for listing as a government subsidised medicine

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I’ve just started PrEP, here’s how my first hook up went

He’ll be here soon. We’ve had sex before, but I wasn’t on PrEP back then. How’s he going to respond when I tell him, and what’s going to happen?

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Four reasons why: Figuring out if PrEP is right for you

There’s one thing all PrEP users have in common: they’ve all made the choice to opt in and use it. In a guide to help you figure out if PrEP could be right for you, we look at four reasons why.

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Wanna compare tools? Here’s how safe sex choices measure up down under

In a time when biomedical HIV prevention strategies are dominating the social dialogue, we look at the increasingly broad selection of sexual health strategies available without losing sight of traditional methods that have undoubtedly helped reduce the impact of the HIV epidemic.

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